How I Marketed Your Mother…

I’m a huge fan of the series “How I Met Your Mother” – not only because it’s so well written but also because it’s marketed so damned well. If you’ve ever doubted the power of content creating a profile for a brand, here’s the proof that it works.

It’s the small things from the show that find their way into real life, like the Slap Countdown Website, Barney’s Blog (sadly no longer in existence), The Bro Code Book (no, really…click here) and so on. And of course, who can forget International “Suit Up!” day? Yes, there are Facebook groups around it too. Come to think of it, Barney Stinson should be the poster child of “How To Create Awesome Content & Get People Talking About You…” or something…

Of course, this isn’t a new idea – but this is one of the best ways I’ve seen it executed.

It’s so damned simple and yet so damned effective. Create really awesome content and make it so everyone can play. If you’re in the zeitgeist you can’t fail. Ask Google. Ask Nike. Ask Starbucks.

And speaking of really awesome, here’s the king of awesome himself: Barney Stinson

Legen….dary! (sorry)


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