The Doctor Is In…

Monday. For some it’s just another day; for others it’s a terminal illness – creatively speaking…

In fact, Monday is like a flu virus. You’re fine one week and the next (or maybe 3 weeks later), Monday sticks it in and breaks it off. For a creative, that’s just not cool. Usually, a Monday of such snarling savagery signals tough times ahead for a creative mind: lack of get-up-and-go, inability to focus…These are the symptoms of a being beaten into submission by a particularly nasty strain of Monday.

And that’s when you need a shot of inspiration.

A lot of creatives I know don’t believe in inspiration in the create-on-demand environment. For them, it’s a paint-by-numbers, plug-and-play deal. Client needs X so we can give it to her if we cobble together these components. That’s how they get by…

Working like that begets working like that. It sucks the joy out of the challenge – and over time, weakens your creativity.

You need to find a source of inspiration – a regular Monday fix against the creative inertia. It could be a blog, a passage out of a novel, a line of scripture if that’s your peculiarity, a movie, a song, another person… I can’t speak for designers but as a copywriter, the Monday morning inspiration booster works for me.

Whatever your inspiration booster, find it and cling to it. Take that dosage of inspiration every Monday, whether you need it or not. It’s the only way to build up an immunity to Mondays.

After all, prevention is better than cure…

Where do you find your inspiration?


4 thoughts on “The Doctor Is In…

  1. I’m confused as to how “creative” became a noun in this article…
    Though I agree with the regular dosage of inspiration. For me, it’s the articles and such I’m sent through twitter, as well as all the amazing pieces of art I see regularly on deviantArt.

    • Ola…
      Call it laziness on my part.
      I chose to use “creative”, instead of “person imbued with talents that lie in the direction of creating on demand”.
      I blame society…and Monday…
      AGREED: deviantART is an awesome source of inspiration.
      When you say “through Twitter” do you mean as a subscription or do you have people you exchange articles/links with?

      Thanks for the comment and thanks for stopping by.

    • Mr Redman

      Without wishing to sound falsely modest, your comment is most humbling. Thank you, sir, for taking the time out to read and promote this blog. It is most appreciated.


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