Masters of Marketing…

Remember He-Man? You know, the guy in the furry loin-cloth with the oversized tiger and the really hot babe in the bird outift. Anyway…

The point I was getting at was that I still believe it’s one of the most excellent examples of marketing to kids:  kids wanted to own the toys because the cartoon was so cool.

Check this out:

Yeah. Ok. Nostalgia goggles aside, it’s still pretty cool. The formula for each episode worked and kids were really into the continuing adventures of He-Man – and his buddies.

And it’s this content that drove the sales. He-Man would never have sold without the cartoon series and its storylines. He would have just been some plastic over-muscled dweeb in a fuzzy Speedo.

If you’ve ever doubted that entertaining stories could make sales, He-Man is one of the strongest arguments to kill those doubts. Adults who were kids back then can still recall the characters and will probably have their own tales to tell about the toys or their favourite episodes.

Create content that’s relevant, that matters, that tells a story about your brand in terms of the consumer. Make them want your brand by giving it context that delights and surprises. That’s the knockout punch…


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