I Don’t Get It…

The Republic Of Cape Town.

I’ve visited the website, seen the odd billboard, listened on-air and I have to say: I don’t get it.

It’s supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign by Heart 104.9 – a local radio station but right now, to me it seems to be a marketing campaign without a definable purpose.

Maybe it’s an excuse for a few competitions? Perhaps create some minor buzz about the station? Use up the hoardings they have around the CBD?

Let’s face it, it’s hardly trending on Twitter (although it’s interesting to see that rival station 94.5 Kfm has at least one of their team tweeting about it) and Facebook certainly isn’t melting because of the heat of the campaign. So it’s not a social media thing – even the so-called Minister of Propaganda’s blog is blank at time of writing.

Then there’s the idea of launching it in winter. Why? Wouldn’t it make more sense to launch it in summer? Especially since there’s an influx of potential listeners in the form of tourists over the festive season. I imagine huge live billboards at the toll-gates welcoming people to the Republic (maybe with “border-patrol” promo guys and gals giving out “passports” to the tourists with vouchers for family activities), local “tourist guide-books” and phrase dictionaries, an anthem, a web-based presence linked to Google Maps, a mobi-site for quick reference to Cape Town, linking into the Garmin units (you could probably get Garmin to sponsor the whole thing) and so on  – and all the while driving it all hard on-air of course…

Speaking of which, maybe I missed it all in the space of 2 hours but none of the on-air production (promos, stings etc) aside from a cursory mention here and there by the on-air staff reflects the campaign at all.

So you gotta wonder what’s the point?

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s a slow-burn repositioning campaign. Maybe it’ll all become clearer with time. But campaigns like this usually last a month or so…and then fizzle out. So right now, it looks like a great idea that just wasn’t executed properly.

Or am I missing something?

Full disclosure: a close friend of mine works on the Breakfast Show of the station in question. I’m hoping we’ll still be buddies after this post.


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Get It…

  1. You’re quite right – I also have a friend at the station and he cannot answer my questions regarding this “campaign” – its dead – whoever came up with it should be handed over to the Marketing Police – its unimaginative and stolen from comments made on the web by various bloggers! The promo people on the M3 the other day looked more like a bunch of kids being forced to hand out flyers for pocket money than eager marketers – they didnt even come up to our car!!! All in all, well written!

    • Hi Trau

      Wow. Well, that backs up the opinion that it wasn’t really thought-through. And that’s a crying shame because there really seems to be a nugget of a good idea in it.

      Thanks for adding your voice and thanks for stopping by.

      PS: marketing police? Now that sounds like a good idea. LOL.

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