Flex Your Muscle…

How powerful is social-media anyway?

The recent kerfuffle over Standard Bank’s less-than-impressive new campaign has died down somewhat…with the bank’s spokesperson appearing to choose not to continue the conversation out in the open and instead hiding behind company rhetoric and citing time spent on social networks as a benchmark for the validity of any kind of critical comment.

The same could be said for Horizon Property’s little pop on the social media radar (my take on this is elsewhere on this blog). What was once front-page news now garners not a single tweet.

And Dunkin’ Donuts has already litigated one critic into silence.

Here today, gone tomorrow… So where’s this so-called switch of power that social-media experts heralded so heartily? You’re looking at it – and you’re part of it.

The trick is to keep making a noise…don’t go away…don’t be put off…don’t be intimidated…keep kicking the doors. The noise will draw others and if your complaint is a valid one, they’ll join your cause.

Martin (a mate of mine) recently ran into hassles with Mercedes Benz at Century City. His blog post detailing his experience is here. You’ll find it’s a long way from Mercedes’ claim of “ensuring the ultimate sales and service experience”(as per their site). What’s really cool is how people are picking up on the story and spreading the word.

You should check it out. And keep kicking the doors. They’ll open eventually.


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