Miss Oginy…

Ok. Here’s a funny little blast from a less enlightened past.

Actually, it’s not really funny – especially that bit with the leering priest at the end. Creepy! The irony is that this ad is targeted at women. I can’t imagine any woman thinking to herself “Y’know. That ad speaks to me as a person. That brand really understands me.” You gotta wonder how many items they sold after this campaign.

Anyway, it’s  a good thing we’ve moved on since those dark exploitationist days…right?

Guilty confession: OK, I giggled at the “Butt-Minus line”. Don’t judge me.


4 thoughts on “Miss Oginy…

    • LOL! Imagine being one of the people responsible for thinking this ad up.
      “Oh. *You’re* the guy responsible for that ‘Sexy Legs’ ad. My wife hates that ad. Loan application denied!”

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