Following from yesterday’s post about buzzwords that have had their day in the sun…

Thinking out of the box is dead – as a saying and a philosophy. What the hell does it mean anyway?

Creatives need boxes. Without boxes, all we’re really doing is indulging in creative masturbation. Boxes gives us a guide, a set of rules to play by. And we need the rules.

Without rules, you have chaos.  Imagine what a game of football would be like without rules. Chaos, right?

Don’t get me wrong. Chaos isn’t bad…if its energy is harnessed correctly. So we need boxes…

Here’s the kicker: the best bit about boxes is no-one can tell us what kind of box it should be.  Rectangular, heart-shaped, circle, triangular, cylindrical – any colour, any material, any size you can think of…it doesn’t matter, as long as what you fill it with, fits.

Don’t think out of the box. Change the box. Fill it with ideas that fit.


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