5 Tips to Get 500 Twitter Followers…

So with all this talk of the best way to get [X] followers, I decided to throw my hat in the ring. Now you should take note of the following tips, because unlike most of the other preponents of these so-called sure-fire, can’t-miss tactics, I actually have 500 followers.

Or rather, I had 500 followers. No doubt, a fair number of them unfollowed me after I tweeted about this post – and Twitter itself has killed off a good bunch of spam-trolls, but 400+ is not bad either. It just doesn’t work well in the title.

Anyway, on with the show…

1. Stop tweeting about how to get 500 followers: Seriously. It doesn’t work.  Only the suckers will believe you and even they’re starting to catch on now. And yes, they will unfollow you, because you’re an ass.

2. Don’t key-word follow: Let’s say you’re a git who doesn’t really care to make proper use of Twitter and you’re trying to sell me holidays  in China – and I fire off a tweet about a mate of mine who is serving time for dealing in China White, your stupid follow-bot is going to take that out of context and follow me. I’ll quickly figure out why you’re following me from your twitter stream and refuse to follow you. Because you’re an ass.

3. Offer value: The phrase “Bring something to the table” relates to people contributing to a meal – whether through a dish or a talent (that could entertain the assembled guests), everyone brought something to the table. A twitter stream of RT’s is NOT bringing something to the table. It’s a bright red neon sign that indicates you have nothing original to offer. So instead, you’ve decided to be an ass.

4. Talk (back): Forget what your mama told you. This is Twitter and talking to strangers is good. If no-one’s talking to you, start a conversation. And conversation means reflective “listening” – in this case that’s reading the tweets and adding real value in terms of the conversation and not your half-assed marketing scheme. If they’re still not talking to you, you’re being an ass (see the next point).

5. Stop selling: People are on Twitter for connection and communication. Not to be treated like customers at a cattle-market. So stop trying to sell us stuff. People don’t come to Twitter to shop. Your mass-yelling tactic doesn’t work here. That’s not having a conversation. That’s standing outside a tent trying to sell something. And being an ass.

There you have it. 5 tips that work pretty well for me and should work for anyone. Feel free to add yours in the comments below.

By the way, if you were looking for some magic formula or new spam-bot algorithm type thingy, sorry buddy. You’ve lost before you’re left the starting line.

This is the new marketing world.

And here, authenticity is the key. But you have my no-money-down guarantee that these if you team these 5 simple tips  with sincere intent to make a connection and add value, you will get your 500 (or even more) followers with ease.

It may take time, but then nothing worthwhile in life comes easy.

A little something extra… Here’s a BONUS 6th tip for those of you who bothered to read this far:  Don’t be an ass. Treat people the way you want to be treated and you’ll go a lot further in Twitter and maybe even in life.


8 thoughts on “5 Tips to Get 500 Twitter Followers…

    • There you have it, ladies and gents.
      Proof positive that it does work!

      Wogan, dude.
      Long time no see.
      Hope all’s well your side.
      And I’me glad you joined the Aardvark thing!

      Thanks for pulling in, buddy!

    • Hi Guy.
      Yeah, Twitter got all proactive and decided to put a good few spam-bots on ice.
      And the world is a better place for it.
      Glad you decided against unfollowing me.
      Thanks for stopping by, man and keep the faith!

  1. Great post! I run two twitter sites (@marketingplaza, and @printplaza) and I’ve been gaining followers slowly but surely. I’m sometimes shocked at some who follow me and would never follow them back. Others are legit and welcomed. Also suddenly saddened by the obvious porn stars who have discovered Twitter and don’t seem to realize I’m a woman not interested in their wares. But porn always did well on the Internet. I’ve been dismayed at many on Twitter who do exactly what you say — RT and life stream rather than add business value. How long did it take you to get the 400+ followers? Just curious.

    • Hi Rhona.

      Yeah..porn seems to be one of those industries where regardless of the platform, they’ll find a way to turn a profit.

      To be honest, I’ve actually never sat back and looked at the time-frame for getting followers.
      And I suppose that’s because I entered Twitter without the aim of getting [X] amount of followers.
      It was always about finding connections and like-minds, contributing where I could and trying to add *relevant* value – whether it was business or otherwise (very New Age, tie-dyed I know. LOL).

      So, I suppose the most honest answer to give you would be to say it’s been an ongoing process since I signed up.
      I hope that helps.

      If not, please feel free to email me – and I’ll take another shot at it. 🙂
      I have been known to waffle. LOL.

      Thanks for taking time out to comment.


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