A Load Of Blarney…

CNN recently did a piece on the most germ-riddled tourist attractions, detailing these obvious hotbeds for disease that remain popular amongst the shutterbugs.

When you think about it, kissing the Blarney stone along with hundreds of thousands of other people each year is really not a good idea. Saliva trails, flu germs, oral herpes…

The question is: will this new information slow down the masses of visitors?

Probably not. It’s like the “Nutritional Information” on a MacDonald’s meal. We know it’s bad for us, but we want to have one anyway. The same is true for alcohol and cigarettes. And for tourist attractions like the Blarney stone.

If anything, it’s a tribute to the selective editing of us as a generation of consumers. A lifetime of training to ignore information that we feel isn’t relevant. We don’t hear or see what we don’t want to hear or see. And if the shine is bright enough, we’ll focus on the prize rather than the price.

And that’s the trick right there. Shining up your marketing campaign in such a way that you simultaneously catch the consumer’s eye and blind her to the cost or your competitors.

So what makes your brand shine?


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