Aliens Among Us…

District 9 is an upcoming sci-fi movie slated for release later this year. But it’s not the story that sets it apart from the rest (extraterrestrials have become refugees in South Africa). It’s more the way they’ve gone about marketing this project.

For a long time now, D9 (as it is known) has enjoyed a presence in various forms around the internet, from the standard website ( where you can grab content from both alien and human sources) to the Twitter account and accompanying Twitpic account.

But there are also other sites with blogs from subversive alien elements who are protesting being discriminated against and a look at the culture of the alien race. You can find a full list of sites at the bottom of this post.

On the ground there have been mock protests at the San Diego Comic Con 2008 – as well as guerilla placement of “Humans Only” signs on various modes of public transport and other public areas.

Sadly, this seems to all be happening in the USA only, so the buzz for a movie set in South Africa (that for once is not some lame political drama) is near non-existent.

So why has none of this marketing trickled down to South Africa? Probably because the Hollywood marketing machine is so isolated it has no clue about the relevance of this film in this country. Typical. Hell, offhand, I can think 10 different ways to build the buzz around this movie down here in sunny SA.

Anyway, here’s the trailer for the movie. And it looks promising. Did I mention Peter Jackson is involved?

And here are those links I promised:


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