Friday Funny…

So as you know, every Friday I try not to blog about marketing or advertising or media – and instead, try to add a little levity to get you in the mood for the weekend. And if you don’t know, then welcome to the blog!

Ironically, this week’s Friday post has a lot to do with a situation here in South Africa (and I would contend one that’s possibly becoming prevalent on a global scale). In the South African context,  there’s a bunfight underway between the producers of content and the national broadcaster (SABC) as to who owns the rights to the final product. Also, questions are being raised about who needs whom more?

On a global level, with the availability of the content creation tools heading towards the near-zero cost mark and the  exponentially expanding reach of the net making it easier to find audiences, the growth of UGC as a valid source of quality content is rapidly gaining momentum.

And as the audience mindset of not being dictated to by networks when it comes to what you watch and when you watch it gains popularity, soon broadcasting institutions like the SABC may find themselves facing extinction.

Anyway, here’s today’s slice of UGC fun. Enjoy it and have a fantastic weekend!


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