BLOC – it’s an acronym for Basic Level Of Competence.

It’s essentially the minimum amount of skill required for anyone to perform a task efficiently and effectively without screwing up. You’d be amazed at how many people in key decision-making positions lack the BLOC. In fact, the number of people who lack the BLOC is directly proportional to the size of the company at which they’re employed. Smaller companies mean less places to hide and fewer people to blame when things go pear-shaped.

You see, cream rises to the top but  crap also floats with ease…

So, today’s game: take a look at the people who work for you/with you. See if you can spot the ones who are without the  BLOC. And then try to figure out why they’re still cashing a paycheque. Bonus points are scored if you can do their job better – and they can’t do theirs without you…


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