Applied Creativity…


So I’ve been ranting a bit this week about the uselessness of advertising awards and wasted creativity. And now I get a chance to rave.

JWT JAPAN Tokyo walked away with the Cannes Grand Prix Media Lion for their KIT KAT MAIL campaign.

In Japanese, KIT KAT sounds a lot like “kitto katsu” (“surely win”). The brand wanted a campaign that would tie in with the university entrance exams and position KIT KAT as a good luck charm. Apparently, it’s tradition that one presents gifts to the students as talismans against ill fortune.

The creative solution from JWT was to design an  KIT KAT parcel (an edible postcard if you will) that would be sold in post offices around the country and could be mailed to the students to wish them good luck. Occam’s Razor in action…

Sheer Brilliance

Sheer Brilliance

This idea not only made KIT KAT available in over 20 000 competition-free locations (along with US$11 million worth of PR in free media) but also resulted in the Japan Postal Service making the product a permanent fixture for retail within their post offices. Apparently, people are still using it to send good-luck wishes for a host of reasons.

Nick Brien, president-CEO of Mediabrands Worldwide and president of the media jury at Cannes was quoted as saying, “It was a brilliant idea, flawless execution and amazing results. They created a business model that didn’t exist before.”

A creative solution to a business problem that had a measurable impact for the brand, creating not only the desired initial buzz around the brand but also a new and sustainable way to sell the product. This is the kind of business-advancing advertising that deserves not only the recognition of the award but the respect of the industry.

This is how it should be done.


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