Leading By Behinds…

There’s nothing worse than a someone in a leadership position who cannot stick to a decision. More often than not, these people have been placed in these positions by virtue of their time-served within an organisation or their incredible aptitude for brown-nosing.

At best, they’re an annoyance – a painful pebble in the shoe that hinders the process and delivery behind any project. At worst, they’re an infection, an incurable disease that destroys initiative, innovation and interest at all levels within the organisation.

So what do you do when you discover that you’re being led by the worse of these cases? Move on. Get gone. Bail out.

That this person is in charge at all, speaks volumes about the organisation. Clearly, the priority is not the delivery but the egos of the senior management. You’re working in a high-school, where popularity is everything and professionalism is nothing.


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