But It’s Pretty…

So Cannes 2009 is almost upon us… Seems like a good time for a rant.

Let’s cut to the chase: why do we still have advertising-award-ceremonies where “creativity” is the only criterion for a win?

That’s like giving a kid a reward for colouring-in when all he’s really done is tear the book to shreds and eaten the crayons. He hasn’t achieved anything. There’s no actual result. Just a waxy, pulpy mess…

Surely, at some point, someone must realise that the real aim of advertising is to provide a creative solution to business problem –  and that the solution (more often than not) must deliver a result? Otherwise, why do we have clients? Why do they bother with us at all? They can easily just save a whole bunch of cash and do it themselves. Not a bad idea in a recession economy where the return on every cent invested must be accounted for.

But as long as clients are happy to buy into the fact that a statuette awarded to an agency by an industry-based  jury (that may have an employee of that very same agency on it) is reason enough to keep doing business with said agency, we’re stuck with this situation.

Sure it’s pretty…but is it advertising?


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