Next Please…

Everybody wants to be the next somebody. But we already have that somebody, so we don’t really need another one (you getting this, all you wanna-be Idols?).

And if you’re going to be the next somebody then chances are you’ll only last as long as that somebody before the new somebody comes along and then you’re nobody.

In an industry that claims to value the original, shouldn’t we all try to be original – instead of just remixes of existing personalities? After all, even the people you want to emulate, were original once.


3 thoughts on “Next Please…

  1. Perfectly put and so very true. I find that so many of us are racing to be the next best thing and the problem is, not only is this near impossible in most industries, it’s pushing too many of us into positions where our bodies are fighting back from exhaustion – I’m guilty of pushing too hard and I’ve decided that it’s just not worth it, so I’m sticking to what I do and just doing it the best I can.

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