I Own You…

Social media marketing is all about the warm and fuzzies. We’re all out there making friends, getting chummy in the global market place with whole range of brands. Now here’s the thing…

I don’t want to be friends with your brand. Really. Spare me the whole “we’re so honoured to be invited into your home and we really care and we want to make you cookies and toss your PJ’s in the dryer before you go to bed…”

Do that and you’re going to succeed in little more than raising my hackles.

The horrible truth is that in the cold grey light of reality, your brand is an employee and I am your employer. If your brand doesn’t work for me, I’m going to fire you and hire a brand that does. It doesn’t matter if it fails practically or aesthetically, fail means fired. I’m paying you to do a job. Do it or get gone.

And if you think it’s still going to take a while before this thinking catches on, you’re wrong. There’s a downtrend on the horizon and it’s heading this way. Your “value-add” will be measured. Don’t let it be found wanting…


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