Use Your Reality…

Augmented reality – it’s all the rage. From TOPPS baseball cards to Lego packs, everyone’s doing it. And why not? The concept of being able to get more value out of a simple package is so awesome. Imagine holding up a box of Lego to a screen and seeing all the possibilties in it, displayed on a screen. Or holding a baseball card up to your webcam to see a clip of your favourite player smacking one out of the park…

The marketing possibilities are endless. Buying a self-assemble desk? Hold the brochure up to the viewing point and see how to put it together. Buying a book? Hold it up to the viewing point and check out a clip of the author telling you about the story and…and…and…

If you want the ins-and-outs of the technology, where it is now and where it’s heading just Google… Or you can just sit back and enjoy this music video that was embedded in the CD cover of upcoming muso, Julian Perretta.

Sheer brilliance. Enjoy your weekend.


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