3 More Damned Fine Podcasts…

As you know, I’m not a fan of radio. The idea of listening to senseless, irrelevant drivel being spewed into my ears by someone whose only qualification for being on the air is the timbre of his voice, rankles me greatly.

That’s why I  love podcasts… Anyway, here are 3 podcasts I enjoy. Check them out if you get the urge.

Ask A Ninja – still going strong, the Ask A Ninja podcasts are just plain funny. If you like dry humour, add this to your list. Available through iTunes.

TED Talks – engaging and though-provoking content from some of the brightest and most creative minds of our time. Get insights from Isaac Mizrahi, Seth Godin, Richard Branson, JJ Abrams and even Billy Graham… Available through iTunes.

The Digital Edge a great local podcast about all things digital and marketing related. Very entertaining and packed with really good, useful info in each podcast. Available here.

A little something extra: OK. So earlier, I decried the whole radio vibe but sometimes there’s a nugget of broadcast content that I can’t ignore. The WAR OF THE ROSES on the Kane Show on HOT 99.5 is my guilty pleasure. It’s like “Cheaters” but  the radio version. Classy it ain’t, but damn it’s a good laugh. Schadenfreude FTW! Google it if you want to get it.


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