The Long & Short of It…

The recent mainstreaming of Twitter and the jump to snackable content has left me wondering: is long copy still relevant? Is there anything that can be said in 140 words that can’t be said in 140 characters?

We live in a world of instant-gratification, of pictures  rather than text.  And with the accepted exchange rate still comfortably at 1000 words for every image, that’s a lot of ground for any copywriter to make up. A picture with a caption vs.  an article describing the same? Lots of folk would plump for the latter.

We have a “get-to-the-point” mentality brought on, one suspects, by the need to be cutting-edge and in the know at all times. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, wore it once, gave it to my little sister (because she’s not as cool as me)…

But what about subtext, about allusions and insights, about the ability to draw out emotions through a well-turned phrase? “Yeah, they still count – but can’t you just tell me what I’m supposed to feel? Just tweet me, ok?”

Don’t get it twisted: the recent changes  in our communication methods are good. Sure we’re more connected, more “aware” but do these changes herald an actual evolution  or a mindless mass culling of consciousness at this point?

In the greater scheme of things, does this move to abbreviated communication mean we’re losing the ability to concentrate for long periods of time – or worse: does this mean that we’re losing the ability to persevere through anything that doesn’t immediately resolve itself or reveal its message without requiring insight from us?

Or did you stop reading 3 paragraphs ago?

A little something extra: For those of you who read this far, click here to view an awesome sight with few words.


7 thoughts on “The Long & Short of It…

  1. Excellent thought piece. I don’t have too much to add, but here are my 2 points comments:

    1. “snackable content” – Permission to reuse this brilliant phrase please?
    2. “snackable content” is definitely where it’s all at, everyone I talk to is far busier than ever and there’s no time to read long-winded articles any more.

    Nice article!

    • Dude. “Snackable content” is not of my making. LOL. It’s a common enough term being bandied about the interwebs. Use it at your whim.

      About your comment: “no time to read long-winded articles” – is that a subjective thing? I mean, one man’s “long-winded” is another man’s “comperhensive”. Also, would you be willing to invest time in reading something “long” if it was targeted towards your interests?

      Thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoyed reading (some/most/all) of it. 🙂

  2. Oh nice, I haven’t heard it before and thought you were a genius, guess not, haha, jk! 🙂

    I do agree, one man’s long-winded idea is different to anothers, but in general it would appear that people have less and less time to read, that’s all I was saying.

    Yes, I would spend time reading something which is targeted to my interests. I by no means meant that long content was going to die! I just merely alluded to the use of “snackable content” being useful..

    • Totally got that. 🙂
      Was just picking your brain and checking where you were at.
      BTW, genius is being able to hide your sources well. LOL.

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