Enfant Terrible…

So the ANC Youth League now has its own website – with a presence on Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, MXIT and YouTube. Thankfully,  this vitriolic bunch will essentially use these sites as echo-chambers, enjoying the sound of their own voices clamouring assent.

But this is not a political blog, so instead here are some critical observations about the website:

Lack of coherent branding: In some places the brand is ANCYL; in others it’s ANC_YL.

Lack of  content: It’s pretty much a given that unless you have content for a site-sections, you keep those empty sections hidden from view. Having an “Available Jobs” page, with no available jobs is a rather large oversight. And a list of names without bios doesn’t really do much for me.

Lack of direction: It would appear that the site isn’t sure if it’s a political site or a lame social activities site. You can book DJ’s, check out galleries, buy music…or at least you could, if any of those links worked.

Lack of proof-reading: “Photos”. Not “Photo’s”. Full stops are optional throughout the site. And see the first point.

By the way, did you know the ANCYL (or ANC YL) is a Capricorn? And is a guy. So much for gender representation.


Now you know.


At first, I figured the site must be new-ish. But the domain has been live since January of this year, so the planning, design and development must have been in play before then, right?

Of course it doesn’t really matter, seeing as how it’s almost a sure bet that the majority of the ANCYL’s constituency won’t even see this website at all. Regardless of all that, there’s a clear lack of thought and planning behind this and just another example of the “me too” attitude that is sadly prevalent here.

No innovation. No inspiration.

All in all, it’s just a tragic waste of space. Maybe it’s time to put away childish things…

Something extra: Meanwhile, www.myanc.org has been suspended for nonpayment. So much for that social media campaign. And it doesn’t help that the front page of the main ANC website still points people in that direction (albeit for election purposes). So the question is: does the ruling no longer want to engage in conversations with the citizens of this country?

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have no loyalty to any political party. This post is not a criticism of the ANCYL (although I don’t agree with its policies or its existence). It’s about what schmucks they are when it comes to marketing.


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