An Impossible Suggestion…

“Don’t take it personally.”

I find myself saying that a lot these days to myself and to others.

And yes, it’s easier said than done, especially in the create-on-demand environment. Creatives put a lot of themselves into what they do and in the good agencies, anyone who comes into contact with a brief owns it in her own way (yes, even the suits).

So when the client kicks back a creative execution for no reason or a less-than-committed suit chooses not to fight the battle on your behalf, it’s difficult not to take the feedback (the “IT” in question)  personally. We spend hours working on these ideas, building these creative solutions. And clients can crush these ideas in a fraction of the time it took to conceive it.

But you shouldn’t take it personally. And here’s why…

The morning of your presentation, the client woke up to find out his wife had left him a note in which she explained she was leaving him after six months of marriage to run away to join the circus with his sister after a mutual discovery of their Sapphic tendencies…or something like that…

Clients have bad days and sometimes you catch them on a bad day, when they’re not in the mood to care about anyone but themselves. That we could have foreknowledge of that situation and live happier lives…

And sometimes, clients just don’t get it. Horses, water, drinking, etc.

So don’t take it personally.

Tell yourself that enough times and you made add years to your life. Or you could just snap and throttle a random, nearby suit. Either way, it’s cathartic.


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