Because They Can…

Ubuntu. It's gonna be ok...
Ubuntu. It’s gonna be ok…

Some days, I actually feel sorry for Microsoft.

I mean, it must be hell to always play the role of  the ugly bastard step-child in the digital soap opera. And yet, they seem to relish in being whipped like a runaway dog.

As you may remember, CP+B (Microsoft’s ATL agency) launched a series of commercials called “LAPTOP HUNTERS“, wherein regular folks (READ: people whose indentities as professional actors were hidden from the general public) went on a quest to find an affordable laptop…slagging Apple either indirectly or directly. Here’s a little refresher:

Yup, she’s an actress. Not some random person looking for a laptop. MICROSOFT CREDIBILITY FAIL (well, what’s left of it).

Well, Apple didn’t take this sitting down. And here’s their response:

Perfectly Apple. How cool it must be to just sit there and wait for your competitor to screw up. It’s like having your workplace-nemesis run naked into your office  every morning, hand you  a million dollars, the keys to a brand new Lambo and a camera and then proceeding to violate himself with various root vegetables while encouraging you to take pictures and publish them on the web.

Seriously, the only thing that would have made this ad perfect beyond human tolerance is if the woman had  introduced herself with an “I’m a Lauren.”

Is anyone even keeping score anymore?

PS: Before you go accusing me of some hidden Apple agenda, let me state for the record I’m a Linux-head. Ubuntu  FTW, baby!


2 thoughts on “Because They Can…

  1. Haha! So, Apple, with what, 10% market share?.. now has Microsoft scrambling to answer their ads. And. Offering more opportunities for Apple to slap them. It’s “Dumb and Dumber, The Never-ending Story”. Priceless!

    Actually, she went one better when she replied “Hi, I’m a Meghan”.
    See, Lauren surrenders her identity when she says “I’m a PC”.
    She acknowledges her assimilation, as it were.
    And using the name Lauren would have just been lame copy-cat, right? :))

    Hi, my name’s Andre, and I prefer a Mac.

  2. Dude.
    Good point on the Lauren/I’m a PC thing.
    Never looked at it that way.

    As for the slapping, I swear CP+B must be getting spanked by Microsoft every time this happens… Or at least I hope so. I mean, someone must see the futility of the situation? Right?

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