The Gorilla In The Room…

Let’s be clear: I dislike this ad. I disliked it when it first aired overseas and I dislike it now.

What’s that you say? It won a Cannes Grand Prix award? Of course it would. It’s the darling of the advertising world? Of course it is. I’ll bet you liked the cut of the Emperor’s New Clothes as well (Google it, you philistine).

It’s a gorilla playing drums. It’s not funny. It’s not sophisticated. It’s not even a real gorilla. It doesn’t say anything about the brand. “But it gets people talking,” whine the sniveling sycophantic so-called creative thought-leaders. I’ve got news for you: so does an unexpected case of herpes. Sure, people are talking about this ad but are they talking about the brand? And no, it’s not the same thing.

The greatest travesty is that this ad was produced overseas almost 2 years ago and it’s now being flighted here! Why couldn’t some of our shining creative lights take a crack at it? Maybe they’d come up with something relevant, something entertaining… They certainly couldn’t do any worse. Or maybe that’s just asking the powers-that-be too damned much? Wimps.


2 thoughts on “The Gorilla In The Room…

  1. Maybe he’s related to Phil Collins? A cadbury cow went awol and was found grazing by the Collins ancestral family tree? They were considering replacing Gabriel with fake gorilla when Collins took over lead vocals?

    well, agreed, always thought it a dumbass ad.

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