Beavis Does Advertising…

So it wasn’t client-approved although I’m surprised it even got this far:

The Way of the Obvious...

Captain Obvious Strikes Again!!

Yes, that’s a vampire. Yes, those are tampons.

I’m willing to bet the creative team that worked on this one was what you call a sausage-fest. It’s puerile. It’s tacky. It should have been discarded as soon as it was thought of (or at least after the guys were done giggling and guffawing about it. Can you hear Beavis & Butt-Head in the backgound?). I’m not gonna mention the client [yet]. Thanks to the thought-leaders over at DraftFCB/Lowe Group/Zurich for bringing us this underwhelming achievement in creativity. Now we know where the bottom of the barrel is…


One thought on “Beavis Does Advertising…

  1. They should make all copywriters write a test to find out how misogynist they are.

    But never mind that, I don’t even get the ad. Are they selling tampons? I mean I sometimes forget that ads actually sell stuff…

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