The Original Problem…

There wasn’t much that was great about the 80’s. The fashion was horrendous, much like the politics of the time. In my opinion, the only thing that was really awesome about the time was the deluge of great (cop/PI) TV shows: Magnum PI, Cagney & Lacey, Spenser for Hire…

And while a cop show is a cop show is a cop show,  the thing that set them apart from each other and in fact the shows of today were the really cool theme tunes, original pieces of music that were written expressly for their shows. They were the uncredited stars of the shows, setting the mood for the next 60 minutes – something sadly lacking from the shows of today, where the theme song is usually a series of ambient sounds, a sonic trigger or a pop song by some one-hit wonder artist.

If I asked you to recall the theme tune to the Magnum, you probably could. What’s the theme tune to Lost?

Adding a layer of original value does so much. It surprises and delights consumers.  And more importantly, they’ll remember you. So take those old, well-worn marketing ways and shine ’em up with something original. It’s really not that difficult…

Something extra: This is the opening theme of Spenser for Hire (an original piece of music)… Watch it and tell me if those howling saxophones don’t give you goosebumps…


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