Marketing Management Grunts…

They say that the sweetest sound a person can ever hear is the sound of their name being spoken by another…

Over my career I’ve had the displeasure of writing promotion campaigns for some of the world’s most dull-witted clients. The type of folk who believe wholeheartedly that there can’t be a single soul on this planet who won’t love their brand. These are the same people who insist that their entire brand name and strapline be shoe-horned into every mention of the promotion they’ve chosen to sponsor, no matter how clanging it may sound.

And just try to fit it in creatively….just try…I dare you…

The problem is that you’ve got Marketing Management: a bunch of suits playing at being creative. The type of people who wouldn’t know true creativity if it walked up to them in street with a huge sign around its neck that said “THIS IS TRUE CREATIVITY” …and then kicked them square in the crotch.

Marketing Management grunts are terrified. They’re terrified of absolute success because absolute success raises the bar just that much too high for them. They’re terrified because absolute success means that they weren’t doing enough before. They’re terrified because absolute success could mean the end of their career. So they manage expectations, executions and results…just enough so it doesn’t make them look bad.

But more than success, they completely wet their pants in the face of true creativity…

I know we’re just advertising folk. I know it’s not high art. But when we supply you with a solution to a problem (a problem that you can’t solve, a problem that you pay us as the experts to resolve) then for the sake of my little cotton sock, listen to us.

Listen to us when we say, you’re going to look stupid….listen to us when we say you’re going to sound ridiculous…

Or don’t. Either way, we get paid.


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