SEO: slimy, exceptionable, objectionable…

Lately, I’ve noticed a substantial surge in the requests for SEO copywriters. Or maybe the demand has always been there and I’ve never noticed.


The thing is that SEO copywriting really isn’t copywriting. It’s just manipulating text on a page to fool the Search Engine spiders into thinking the site is more relevant than it actually is. Okay, that’s a bit harsh. Sure, there are people who have bona fide reasons for using SEO copywriters but I’m willing to bet that it’s being used for more underhanded purposes than not.

What gets me the most about SEO, is the amount of faith the snake-oil salesfolk put in it. “Let’s manipulate the system,” they hiss, “and lure people to our site. Who cares if they’re really looking for the latest information on cricket? When they see our product they’ll definitely buy, regardless of its irrelevance.”

Regardless of the ethics behind SEO copywriting, the fact is that as a serious copywriter, writing SEO should not be on your list of things to do. It’s grunt work, lacking creativity or skill. Essentially, it’s the writing equivalent of being a bank-teller: check the boxes and away you go. In fact, I’d go so far as to say offering SEO copywriting to any serious copywriter is a personal insult.

Of course, there’s money to be made in SEO copywriting. But it’s ugly money from creating an ugly product. Yes, there’s a recession on.Yes, if you want to keep the river of milk flowing, you need to do whatever it takes…and that means even taking on SEO copywriting (though personally I would wait tables first). Just don’t make it a career… Your soul will never forgive you. Hell, I won’t ever forgive you. So there.


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