Awards & Appreciation…

We all like to be recognised for our efforts in our chosen field. And for local bloggers that means getting your name on one of those SA Blog Awards.

No. This isn’t a plea for a nomination. If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time you’ll know that I’m not about awards. If you want to show appreciation for this blog, then leave a comment, tell a friend or drop me an email. Personally, that’s how I measure recognition and appreciation.

That said, there are some really good South African blogs out there. So I’ll be nominating and voting for the ones I think are most deserving. You should do the same. Nominations and voting are open from 1st March through to 1st April, and the winners will be  announced on 3rd April. So go on and be a sport. There’s a good fellow.

Speaking of recognition and appreciation, there’s a really cool webcomic called Player vs. Player. While it’s mostly gamer related humour, the situations are pretty universal so the appeal is broad. I’m pretty sure the author, Scott, has a wonderful following. Hey, I’m a huge fan! My problem with the site is that if you want to leave a comment by way of recognition of a job well done (as I wanted to for this comic ), you need to be a paid-up member of the fan-club.

That doesn’t make any sense. Why would you charge your fans  –  especially for something that you would like to receive? Getting them to pay for member-only content makes sense but to charge people for praising you? I’m not saying it’s wrong (I’m sure he has his reasons). I just don’t get it, is all. And now he won’t get my comment…


10 thoughts on “Awards & Appreciation…

  1. “If you want to show appreciation for this blog, then leave a comment, tell a friend or drop me an email. Personally, that’s how I measure recognition and appreciation.”

    I am so with you on that phr0ggi!!

    *whew* … thought I was the only one 🙂

    • Hey there cow_grrrl.

      Thanks for the comment. Nice to know there are still folks who don’t buy into the hype around statuettes.


      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. “We all like to recognised”, missing “be” bud 🙂

    Anyway, I agree with you to a degree. I think being nominated for an award and winning the award is a great feeling, but not only that, it also opens up new doors for the winners, which I think is incredibly important when it comes to creating more and more awareness around blogging (I’m talking blogging here).

    I do agree with you, measuring based on comments and referrals is the best measure, because it’s not involving begging friends to vote, which I’m sure most (even maybe me, maybe) of the bloggers involved in the SABA.

    Great article.

    • What did you want? An award? 😛

      Not sure what happened there. Didn’t copy/paste apparently. Herewith the full comment:

      Dude. Thanks for the edit. And for stopping by. 🙂

      I agree that the exposure that comes from reaching finalist level in an awards race is great but one must consider how that buzz comes to be. As you said, people start actively campaigning the friends and families to throw in those votes. Is that an accurate measure of a blog’s popularity or penetration?

      For my part, organic growth is the surest way to quantify a blog’s penetration. If you have 1000 dedicated readers or 10 dedicated readers, it’s the fact that they’re dedicated that matters… It’s the fact that those 10 or 1000 are telling their mates and their mates’ mates about you that matters.

      It’s always been about quality over quantity. The slow burn over the flash in the pan.

      My biggest concern about awards is that it adds an undefined sheen of authority to a blog, that may or may not have deserved it. Again, I’m not saying that the blogs don’t deserve the awards but if it’s just a popularity contest, let’s call it what it is.

      Anyway, those are my thoughts (that are sure to make me unpopular around the blogosphere). Thanks again for stopping by and for taking time out to comment.


      (Happy now? LOL)

  3. Hardy Haa Haa 😉

    For sure, then we’re on the same level, measuring a blog based on its loyal readers and the ability to “get” them to vote is far superior than just harvesting votes from random people who’ve, possibly, never even been to the site in question.

    I hear what you’re saying about “an undefined sheen of authority”, I’m hoping that the judges involvement here will sort that out and not let a blog with 1 blog post win Best SA Blog, for exaggeration purposes. Let’s hope this is the case, and let good, strong, well-known blogs take the awards.

    I guess this is a topic which could go on for hours and hours – my main concern is that people (not you) are pushing and saying that they’re completely rubbish and pointless – For those bloggers who’ve been here from the start, it means an incredible amount to us, it has a powerful history and many great stories and times have come from it and I want to ensure that that is maintained and not pushed down 🙂

    Hope that isn’t all over the place, I’ve been coding the last several hours, flat!

    (I’ll award you with a gold star next time I see you) 😉

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