More Than Words…

Clive Ridgway is a singer/songwriter most well known for his work with Jonathan Butler, being part of the country-western group “Rocking Horse” (who performed alongside such artists as Laura Branigan and Smokie) and also for  being the programming manager of 94.5 Kfm, Cape Town’s biggest radio station. One day a bunch of us were standing around idly* discussing music and Clive happened to wander by. He stopped and listened to our conversation for a while. Then he said, “Do you know which songs last forever? The ballads. Other hits may come and go but a really good ballad lasts forever.”

Those words have stuck with me since then. No, I didn’t go out and pursue a career in songwriting. I did, however, take a closer look at ballads. They’re about people, relationships, emotions, honesty… Cheesy? Maybe. But the most powerful copy has always been something that speaks to the reader on an emotional level. Write copy that speaks honestly to your audience about the things that matter to them. Make them laugh or make them cry – and you’ll make them remember you.

Thanks for the advice, Clive.

A little something extra: From the Razzie-award winning “The Love Guru”, here’s Mike Myers and Manu Narayan performing an excerpt from “More than Words” (originally done by Extreme & a song that’s about more than its lyrics say).

* As we did very often. Well me anyway.


2 thoughts on “More Than Words…

  1. Uh huh. That’s what I meant about writing that speaks honestly to your audience about the things that matter to them. LMAO!!

    Thanks for stopping by.

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