Really Phat Ads…

For the NPO  group, the Active Life Movement.




Very cool. Seriously, if you’ve got kids you may want to get them off their asses and outside doing something active before they wind up like that 350kg dude they had on TV… Healthwise, being overweight or obese is not a good look.


10 thoughts on “Really Phat Ads…

  1. Hi Joy

    The pendulum swings both ways. Malnourishment and severely underweight kids need to be looked after too.Just saying that as the country that leads the continent in obese and unhealthily overweight children, South African parents need to do more to ensure their kids don’t risk their health through lack of exercise or healthy diet.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Who decides what is unhealthy, though? BMI doesn’t give us the full picture. There is nothing wrong with being fat or overweight. Fat does not equal unhealthy. You could be of ‘normal’ weight — or what society thinks is normal — and be unhealthy.

    Let’s rather focus on being fit — if we want to be.

    I like that ‘fat’ Barbie. It shows children that not everyone needs to look like an emaciated supermodel. Besides, just who is entitled to have fun in the sun? Only thin people?

  3. I disagree. There is plenty wrong with being obese. According to “Obesity: genetic, molecular, and environmental aspects” (Barness LA, Opitz JM, Gilbert-Barness E (December 2007)), obesity is the leading, most preventable cause of death…globally.

    I’m not saying that having a few extra pounds is bad. What I’m saying is that kids should be weaned off the fast food and the Playstation PDQ before it goes further than that; and trained to a minimum required level of fitness. There is something very wrong about watching someone (child or adult) get completely out of breath after simply climbing a flight of stairs.

    You don’t have to be rake-thin, but you don’t have to go the other route either. Moderation – that’s the key.

  4. What is obese? And who decides? Fat people can be fit, too. You did say there is something wrong with being overweight. Most fat people do not overeat. Their diets may not differ that much from yours.

  5. Hi Joy

    Fat people can be fit: agreed. There are enough prop forwards to back that up. But the average overweight person doesn’t train the way they do.

    So yes, there’s something wrong with being obese – as much as there’s something wrong with super-skinny. All I’m advocating is a healthy level of moderation – whether it’s diet or exercise.

    In the end it’s the choice of the individual but we would be remiss if we didn’t promote the healthier alternatives.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Amod, what is obese and who decides? Do we use the BMI? My BMI is about 26. A friend’s BMI is about 30. At what stage does someone suffer from obesity?

    And no, there’s nothing wrong with being obese. There’s nothing wrong with being fat. We are not discussing morals right now; we are discussing people’s bodies and especially their self-esteem.

    These ads do not make me want to lose weight. For whom should I? So that I can fit into a mini-skirt that I used to wear 10 years ago?

    Once again, there are fat people who will never be what society considers normal. They’ll diet and exercise but they’ll never be svelte. Ever.

    As to healthier alternatives. What about a campaign to show fattists that fat and obese people can be as healthy and not be a drain on our precious tax money. And even if these people are a ‘drain’, so what? How many other things in the budget irritate us?

  7. Hi Joy

    These ads aren’t targeted at adults who want to lose weight. They’re targeted at parents who want to/should promote healthy lifestyle habits to their children. We’re not discussing self-esteem (which is the responsibility of the individual) or social-mores. We’re talking about choosing healthy food over fast-food. We’re talking about choosing fresh-air and outdoor activities as opposed to another day sitting in front of the television or the PC.

    I agree that society’s expectations as enforced and dictated by the media are unfair. But putting aside the superficial for a moment, there are serious health risks to being obese.

    I’m against using the word “fat” because it falls in the same realm as “plump” or “Ruebnesque”. That’s not what’s being discussed here. It’s not the same as carrying too much weight for your frame, of being unable to move comfortably… And whether it’s by choice or genetics, being obese is not healthy. Arthritis, damaged hip joints, high blood pressure… Until medical science proves otherwise, I can’t accept that being morbidly obese is good for anyone.

    Eating healthily and moderate exercise, no matter your body shape or weight, is vital.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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