Rational Thinking…

Advertising folk. On the scale of respectability we’re just below lawyers and used-car salespeople. It’s not our fault. We’re just the messengers. Blame the companies who tell us to take their pig’s-ear products and demand that we create silk purses out of them. And that’s an argument I’ve used often and with some success…

Until now…

You remember the Pepsi logo debacle (it smiles at you from the shelf)? Well,  if you were wondering just  how they justified the million-dollar price tag,  now you can sleep easy.  As I write this, a PDF file is doing the rounds in cyberspace and in this file is the creative rationale for the redesign. The document runs 27 pages and uses such terms as “Perimeter Oscillations” and “Earth’s Magnetic Fields” .


Now although there are those who claim that there’s no way in hell the document is genuine, I’m with the masses on this one. It has to be true. It’s just too well thought-out to be fake. And tellingly, the Arnell Group (the agency behind the “new” logo) has refused to comment on the document at all.

As much as I hate to admit it, I got to take my hat off to the folks who sold this one in. Brilliant snow job if ever there was one. You can just see Pepsi’s VPs of Marketing sitting around slack-jawed and drooling at the opportunity of having a logo designed according to the “Theory of Relativity”.

No, really.

So kick back, relax and click here to download the entire document. And when you’re done, if you can, try to think kindly of those few, those brave few sincere people still left in the advertising and marketing industy. We’re gonna need your prayers.


One thought on “Rational Thinking…

  1. Yep, I saw it. Having been privy to previous such documents, I’m pretty sure it’s genuine too.

    The other day, a client (not Pepsi!) asked us to “incorporate a sophisticated consumption moment” into a piece of communication. My response, “You want us to give the models TB?”

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