Forthcoming Attractions…

Movie trailers are there for more than just making you wish you had bought your popcorn a little later. Seriously, how many times have you walked into a movie house and sat down as the trailers are beginning only to find you’ve eaten half your box by the time the feature movie’s started.


It’s sad but it seems like people have the lost the art of creating the perfect movie trailer. These days you can just as well not watch the movie at all. Just watch the trailer. Action movies and animated movies are huge culprits. All the best scenes, all the best quips and all the hottest action sequences are showcased in the movie. The Matrix trilogy were really bad at trailers.

See? We knew it was gonna be an action-fest with “twists” and “turns”…why show us how it was gonna play out?

The same is true for the voice-over scripts. “They killed his wife. They stole his kitten. Now, he’s gonna kill them…one by one…with a knife…before he runs out of time.”


Whatever happened to “show – don’t tell”? Whatever happened to teasing the audience, showing them just enough to whet their appetites? Whatever happened to building curiosity? We want all that. We want to be surprised. We want to be intrigued.

The same goes for marketing. Add a little twist to your campaigns…don’t just check the boxes. Do it differently. Get creative. Get off the path. It doesn’t have to be new; it has to be different.

See you at the movies.

A little something extra: Pablo Francisco’s take on the late Don Fontaine (aka “The Voice”), the world’s most prolific movie-trailer voice. It’s old…but it’s still as funny as hell.


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