4 Pretty Damned Awesome Podcasts…

I’m not a huge fan of radio. In fact,  I never listen to the radio (with notable exceptions. You know who you are). Instead, you’ll find me jacked into my iPod listening to the latest episodes of my favourite podcasts.

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you guys 4 marketing podcasts that I enjoy. And I hope you guys get the same amount of enjoyment and value out of ’em as I do.

1. The Harvard Business Ideacast: a lot more intimidating that it sounds. It’s a really great pod from those nutty folks over at Harvard and it covers a whole whack of stuff from marketing to business with such guests as Peter Ubel, author of Free Market Madness. Available through iTunes.

2. The Six Pixels of Separation Podcast: hosted by the inimitable Mitch Joel of Twist Image, this podcast is all about social media/social marketing and features a lot of great content. Check out the spin-off Media Hacks podcast featuring such names as CC Chapman and Hugh McGuire. Available through iTunes and the Twist Image blog.

3. Wizard of Ads’ Monday Morning Memo: a great weekly podcast that deals with advertising and marketing from a very holistic(?) perspective. If nothing else, Roy H. Williams’ voice is pretty cool. Available through iTunes or you can click here.

4. American Copywriter: John January and Tug McTigh are 2 copywriters who release episodes of their podcast intermittently….like months intermittently. That said, if you’ve ever read “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This“, you should check out their 2 part interview with the legendary Luke Sullivan. Classic stuff. Available through iTunes.

There you have it. 4 pretty damned awesome marketing podcasts that perhaps you should give  a listen… Just the bits in bold into your iTunes store search and away you go.

So what’s on your iPod? Add your favourite podcast to the comments.

A little something extra: A fifth podcast that has nothing to do with anything marketing or media related. It’s the BBC’s Friday Night Comedy Podcast. If you love British comedy, you’ll absolutely adore this! Available through iTunes.


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