Street-Cred Fail

Hip Hop Pantsula (aka HHP) – the big guy of Strictly Come Dancing fame – has sold out. In a big way. Fronting for Stimorol chewing gum (in the world’s most pointless ad with the most pointless payoff : “CHEW LIFE”. WTF?) makes sense – if you need money.

But to sell them ad-space in your latest music video? No, dude. No.

And before everyone yells at me about Diddy and Jay-Z punting Cristal and Jaguars, let’s just remind ourselves that those brands are synonymous with the hip-hop lifestyle. They’re aspirational. No-one asks Lil Wayne what gum he’s chewing. No-one cares. I’m not saying HHP shouldn’t sell out…he just should have raised his price tag…


5 thoughts on “Street-Cred Fail

  1. You make a good point… all up until you’d like to get HHP on your payroll to boost your campaign or brand and he’s asking for an arm and a leg for it. I could tell you of a number of things that I would says that he shouldn’t be doing – yet its all well and good to beef about whose getting paid what until you have to pay someone else pay check.

    I read somewhere that Lil Wayne won’t do a gig unless he gets a millie cash upfront, a fully paid for lear jet with extras, 250 front row seats for his peeps, a 5 star hotel booking with extras, 4 off duty cops protecting him, 2 on duty cops riding by his side, and a whole lot more.

    The point i’m getting at is if HHP was asking for even half of that, he probably would get gigs. So sell out or not the ‘mofo’ got to feed his kids LOL!

    • @Mission Man. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comments. HHP gets paid for sure…but at what cost to his cred? That’s the point… 🙂

  2. If we’re going to say HHP sold out, then he did that way back when he did that gay ass Strictly Come Dancing. Or even when he did that collabo’s with Danny K. At the end of the day, we’ll respect him for what he spits – if we’re gonna judge him for how he feeds the his fam, than I’m afraid hand in the towel. This game’s for hustle – and as Jay-Z put it in ‘Can I Live?’ …”we hustle out of sense of hopelessness, sort of a desperation. Through that desperation we become addicted. Sort of like the fiends we’ve become accustomed to serving. Where we feel we have nothing to lose, so we offer you our lives. What do you bring to the table?

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