The New Way?

It’s probably the freshest use of social marketing I’ve seen for distributing and marketing music. Groove Armada and Bacardi have teamed up to bring you BLive music – a music sharing network dedicated to spreading the tracks off the new Groove Armada album.

It works on a gated sharing system. As you build your network, so you gain access to the exclusive tracks (and other rewards). The music spreads, it’s all free and it’s all legal... And of course they have your email, so there’s an opportunity for continued communication (and yes, you have to opt in for it).

It’s not perfect but it does have the promise of something that can evolve. Real brands teaming up with musicians? Exposing the music to two markets at once?  Exposing Bacardi to two markets at once? Who would have thunk it? It’s commensalism in action, folks…and it’s experiments like this that are gonna build the foundations for greater social media/marketing initiatives.

Check it out (and add yourself to the network while you’re there).


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