While You Were Sleeping…

This may sound like a bit of a fanboy post, but please bear with me.

Look, we were all blinded by the shiny arrival of Google Chrome. And we ooh’d and aah’d at its powerful ways. Hushed words were spoken in darkened corridors about the dawn of a new era and the how Google would soon dominate the web.

But then time went by, Obama was elected and Freddie Mac went belly-up and we forgot all about it…Google remained simply the search engine of choice that had its own shiny new browser.

But while we were sleeping, Google was busy messing arond under the floorboards.

GDrive: The rumours that had been quiet for the last year or so, have resurfaced. Promising  infinite storage, GDrive is the big brother of Google Docs and promises to “house all user files, including: emails, web history, pictures, bookmarks, etc and make it accessible from anywhere (any device, any platform, etc)”.  And how do we feel about Google holding your hard-drive?

Google Gears: Now you can access your Gmail offline. Download your email in full, write responses (which are automatically stored in your outbox) and the next time you switch on Gmail, the emails are uploaded and sent automatically. Great idea down here in the 3rd world where bandwidth is still so costly.

Google-Checkout: Google has ventured into Paypal territory, creating Google Checkout, its every own secure online-shopping system. And it all runs out of your Gmail accounmt. Already some big names have signed on as merchants (like Toys R Us).

The Google: Google for the more senior of our global citizens. Watch the webspace for its launch.

For more info, you can Google (of course) these topics.

And don’t be surprised when one day, your internet experience is branded as “The Web – brought to you by Google”.


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