Internal Error.

I don’t understand internal campaigns. I honestly don’t see the point. If you want to show your people that you appreciate them, add it to their paycheques.

And yet, without fail, the decision-makers at large companies (and the finance houses are the worst about this) task their CMO, agency of record or simply take it upon themselves to initiate a fly-by-night internal campaign – one based around the slightest of brain-farts inspired by an Oprah repeat – that will inevitably falter six-months in as the importance of the bottom-line overrides the pseudo-philosophy and that will ultimately be irrelevant by the end of the year.

Why are you wasting money on internal staff campaigns, trying to find ways to hoodwink your staff into believing some gobbledygook about your company?

Why can’t you lead by example instead and inspire your people to do more than just show up for their paycheques?

Why aren’t you (especially if you’re a bank or a financial institution) using that money to develop an external marketing campaign to remind your existing customers that you’re still here, that you’re using their money to find new ways to make their life easier, and give them a compelling reason to recommend you to their friends?

Ask your CMO, your agency of record – or look in a mirror and ask yourself. I bet there’ll be no substantial replies forthcoming.


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