There’s one born every minute…

Many sunsets ago, when I was in high school, my English teacher (Mr Anthony Eaton, a true gentleman) started a debate on the silliest item of clothing ever invented. As students, naturally we suggested the tie…bloody nuisances that got caught in desks and doors and windows and were a ready attack point for any schoolyard rivals.

Mr Eaton suggested the T-shirt.

There are people parading through our malls and streets daily displaying logos of companies that have suckered the wearers into paying for the privilege of becoming walking billboards.

Sure, T-shirts can be used to carry messages, declare support for just causes…but the most of it is advertising. Cheap-to-create advertising with an incredible ROI for the brand and all because we’ve given into our vanity and bought into the marketing message…

There really is one born every minute.

Something extra: check out Springleap for some really awesome non-billboard type t-shirts…


2 thoughts on “There’s one born every minute…

  1. Everybody wears t-shirts, people become like walking talking advertisements, so wear a t-shirt that expresses yourself.

    Its funny how clothing can change the way, you feel.

  2. so actually t-shirts are not silly, they are actually really powerful and great because they harness the power of the masses for branding purposes. (and the masses pay for this priveledge)

    Sorry Mr Eaton, your suggestion is actually the silly one. Nice try, but no clothing item can compete with the silliness of the tie.

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