Spot the Difference…

Calling all copywriters….and journos for that matter.

Spot the difference or resign from your job immediately.


No, seriously. If you can’t see the mistake, you shouldn’t get paid for writing.


13 thoughts on “Spot the Difference…

  1. Well, I can think of two scenarios in which the second one would be correct. Firstly, if Smith were organising an event, say, and had employed a group of brave and courageous individuals to work for him as doorkeepers or ushers; and secondly, if the welcoming of Smith had taken the form of a theme party based on that popular television series…

    Well spotted. 😉

  2. Hi Kerry-Anne

    Beautiful post-rationalisation.

    “the welcoming of Smith had taken the form of a theme party based on that popular television series”

    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment.

  3. Hey there, Joy-Mari. Let’s see… with my first scenario, how about we take out the word “heroes” and replace it with “firemen”, and change “Smith” to “Jones”, just for the purposes of illustration?

    The headline would therefore read, “Firemen welcome for Jones”. In this scenario, a celebrity* event organiser called Jones has employed a bunch of hawt firemen to be doormen and ushers at his swanky cocktail party, so they’re “welcoming [his guests] for him”. Make more sense now?

    As for the second scenario, well, to be honest I’d have preferred a LOLcats theme, and I daresay Graeme Smith would have too, so that would render the entire debate rather moot. 😉

    *He has to be a celebrity, because I can’t imagine any other reason for his rather bland story ending up on a newspaper poster.

  4. Hi again, Joy-Mari. “Welcome” is being used as a verb in my scenario, not a noun. So we could have said “Firemen dance for Jones” or “Heroes sing for Smith”; except, instead of singing or dancing, they are welcoming for him.

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