So 2008 is nearly at an end. And what a year it’s been: the ANC splitting visibly in terms of ideologies, the birth of COPE, the ousting of Thabo, the election of Obama, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac going belly up, the death of Heath Ledger…

On a personal (and somewhat self-indulgent) note there were some stories that I really enjoyed writing about over the last few months. In case you missed ’em, check these out:

Nhlanla Nene’s tumble (still a classic!) and his ridiculous ideas of trying to sue everyone…

The ongoing battle between Microsoft vs Apple (and Microsoft taking another body shot with the IE6 debacle – check out this article on AdAge. MS FAIL)

The Doritos Halloween Promotion: sheer brilliance..

The possible future of the radio industry

The bunfight that was Motrin’s epic fail

And that’s just some of ’em. Wow. I get tired just looking at ’em. And that segues nicely in to the next bit of news: for the next few days, I’m gonna be taking a break from blogging and getting some serious R&R. I think I’m suffering from marketing fatigue. Thank you all for stopping by and taking time out to read my posts. To those of you that commented, an extra word of thanks – after all, we’re moving into an era where nothing is beyond open discussion.

Whoa. Starting to get sucked back in. 🙂

Anyway, so I won’t be blogging for a bit…but in my place you’ll be treated to the blogging stylings of Baba Ganoosh.

author, raconteur, cat...

Baba Ganoosh: blogger, raconteur, cat...

Yes, he’s a cat. And he has some ideas on how to manage your career. In typical feline fashion he’s written 9 posts as part of his series called “When in Doubt, Lick your Crotch”. You can catch him on here from Monday. Play nice…he has no thumbs.

UPDATE: Owing to an unfortunate incident that included but was not limited to several hairballs, a longterm catnip-addiction and his laptop, Baba Ganoosh was unable to deliver all his posts on time. As a result all the posts from his series “When in Doubt, Lick Yourself”, will be published on a separate page in the next week or so. Thanks for your patience.


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