Street Cred…

2009 is around the corner and looking forward there are some really interesting developments on the horizon. But this post is not going to deal with tech. Today the focus is on you.

As Seth Godin points out in Tribes, social media like Twitter and Facebook are merely communication tools, the means to disseminating a message. The thing is that with social media marketing, more often than not, the subject of the message is going to be you.

People are the new brands. People like you and me. Social media marketing has promoted this evolution a nd as a brand you’re expected to behave along the same lines: living up to your brand promise, listening to your clients, adding value…

 Years ago in South Africa, advocates were not allowed to advertise their services. If you were an advocate, your clients were referred to you by attorneys (who similarly received their clients as a result of their own reputations). Social media/marketing is a revival of  these old ways. We’re putting more stock in the career-benefitting referrals we receive from our peers and friends, from sites such as LinkedIn (and sometimes even Facebook and Twitter), so it behoves us to behave professionally at all times in any of our business dealings. 

With the trend towards self-promotion gaining considerable ground, you’re going to be responsible for your own PR and for your own street cred. And since you only get one shot to make a first impression, you’re going to need to be on point more than ever.

A little something extra: Street Cred Fail? 


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