For Copywriters: more than words…

Copywriters showing to love to Designers

Copywriters showing love to Designers


A quick tip for copywriters.

Think visually.

Learn to think in pictures, movies, paintings, comics, cartoons…

You’ve heard that saying about a picture is worth a thousand words. As a copywriter, your vision for the creative execution of a brief is essentially a picture. Often, your success depends on your being able to convey that vision  accurately to people who can’t read your mind. And because those people will get seriously fatigued after listening only 300 words of the 1000 you need, the only way to do that is to think visually.

So the next time you’re writing a radio script, storyboard it. The next time you write a direct mail piece, picture the way you expect the recipient to read the letter. The next time you’re putting together a campaign, draw a mind-map (ugh. I hate that term). Writing up a print ad? Draw the page and do a rough layout.

Just lay it out on a sketch-pad so you can see it. You may see something cool you never thought of before. You may see a flaw you might have missed. 

You don’t need to be an artist. Use stick figures. Draw in crayon. What’s the point in having a vision you can’t communicate? And while words are powerful, pictures remain the easiest way to communicate anything.

Plus: it will help you appreciate the design guys a little more. And in return they might appreciate your ideas more.


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