So good it’s scary…

Doritos are pretty well known down here in South Africa. But what’s not as well known is their awesome engagement campaigns. Not content with simple ATL communication, Doritos has secured a Brand-Slam time and time again. Over at the CopyDeck you’ll find an awesome example of how Doritos lined up its brand promise of “just what you want” with a digital browser-hijacking campaign.


It’s setting the bar pretty high, so how do you top yourself? You go full throttle and take digital campaigns to the next level. Welcome to Hotel 626.

For Halloween, Doritos brought 2 old flavours back from the dead. And invited its fans experience the “horror” by checking in to Hotel 626.  Open from 6pm to 6am only (yup, that’s where the name comes from; and yes that’s REAL TIME ), Hotel 626 took the braves Doritos fans on an online interactive haunted house experience. Your mission: unravel the mystery as you travel through the house’s 13 rooms.

Stephen King would be proud.

Not grabbing you yet?  Why not activate your webcam, so it can snap as pic of your scariest moments? Or activate your Twitter account so it can report your progress or your demise in real time via your Twitter stream (a knockout-punch in overseas where Twittter is linked to SMS).

It’s immersive, it’s intense, it’s inspirational.

Check it out…if you dare.

WARNING: this site is like nothing you’ve experienced. Do not attempt if your bandwith is not up to it.


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