This is NOT what Twitter is about…

Received this follow-notification in my email yesterday. Clearly some people don’t get it. Twitter is about conversation. Not yelling at someone like an annoying child seeking attention.


Cocktailfrusion. Names & faces have been blurred to protect the innocent.

Notice the discrepancy in follower/following figures. It couldn’t be otherwise. Twitter is not a bullhorn. It’s not a sandwich board. It’s about meaningful engagement and value-exchange. These guys don’t get that. They’ll will probably deplete their goodwill balance at a rapid rate. Ultimately, they’ll probably decide that the results they receive will mean marketing through Twitter is not for them and they will go away.

In contrast, check out @CapelloSandton for how it should be done.


4 thoughts on “This is NOT what Twitter is about…

  1. @Walter Pike

    Abusing permission-based marketing this way is tantamount to inviting a new friend into your home for coffee and then returning from the kitchen to find he has urinated on your carpets and made off with your cat.

    Thanks for the comment.

  2. Hi – we read with interest your comments on ” cocktailfrusion ” interesting as we did the campaign which was hugely successfull – your personal take on the campaign is appreciated , thank you !

    leon orsmond
    disruptivator !
    osmosis viral creative think tank

    • Hi there

      My reaction to the Cocktailfrusion Twitter presence was one based on the stream of untargeted updates. Personally, I derived no value out the stream and learned nothing about the Cocktailfrusion brand. And I didn’t really want to. It’s that thing about first impressions.

      I visited your twitter stream today and noticed that you rely a lot on Retweets – perhaps you guys should look to adding more original value? It may boost your skewed follower/following count.

      That said, I’m glad to hear the campaign was a success. Always good when someone manages to make develop a viable campaign out of social media marketing. Every successful case study is a win for all of us evangelising the paradigm shift.

      Cheers for the comment and for stopping by.

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