Monday. Smile.

This isn’t a hoax…if only in the sense that this flyer actually exists. As for services, well I can’t comment since I have’t personally experienced Dr Hajat’s “talents”.

Anyway, it’s Monday. So enjoy the pics and remember: what has been seen, can never be “unseen”.


For Men.

For Men.


For Women

For Women.


For another shining example of this check out Amanda’s blog over here.


6 thoughts on “Monday. Smile.

  1. Word to the wise woman: don’t marry someone who’s “stingy” with money. And what the hell is quick sperming anyway!? LOL.

  2. No worries. Y’know what’s really scary? I just re-read this and it appears that Dr Hajat is a woman…who promises to work on your penis and “you will leave with a surprise.” Whoa.

  3. lol..hmm..perhaps I should blogroll you after that post.sounds like it would find a home with kitty.just bring your blog to me 😉

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