Super Obama World.

A few posts ago I blogged about Obama’s foray into video-game advertising.

And now the inevitable has happened. Super Obama World!!

Pitbulls and lobbyists and Sarah Palin! Oh my!

Pitbulls and lobbyists and Sarah Palin! Oh my!

The free-online game was developed by ZenSoft and  is a satirical look at US politics. Lipstick-wearing pit bulls, lobbyists and  Sarah Palin all make an appearance in the game. What’s really cool is that ZenSoft did this out of their own. No lobbying by the Democrats and that speaks volumes about Obama’s approval ratings.

It’s interesting to note that while the Republican party has been taken to task, Obama seems to be the darling of the social and new media set. Think about the myriad of Dubya-related games and virals that were certainly less-than-positive.

Don’t get it twisted though.

The denizens of the social media world are fickle buggers and the flavour du jour is just that. Tomorrow may be see a complete reversal of fortune. In fact, the very same move into social meda that separated Obama from his opposition has placed the Obama-administration under a microscope before he has even officially taken office and may in time be the thing that destroys him…if he chooses to ignore their voices, to drag his heels on honouring his promises, to be seen as not doing enough. And in a world where perception is everything, owning up to that brand-promise is going to be a mammoth task under such continuous scrutiny.

Meanwhile, click here and have fun bouncing on Sarah Palin’s head. I know I did.


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