Too cool for you.

Does she look jaded to you? Well? Does she?

Does she look jaded to you? Well? Does she?

[WARNING: Unedited “stream of consciousness” post follows]

It’s fashionable to be jaded. Especially amongst the advertising crew. We’re the rockstars of the business world. So it’s cool to be all like “Yeah, I’ve seen it all before.” And that’s sad.

It’s sad because when you stop delighting in the work that you do your work will slowly begin to delight less people. For the most jaded among you, let’s put it in another less esoteric “circle of life” way: when you stop putting in 100%, your chances of hitting that NEXT BIG THING get less by double that missing effort. And no, awards don’t count. Only results do.  Only what the client thinks. You read right. Only what the client thinks. They pay your salary. What they think matters. You may not care but it’s true.

The irony is that when clients throw your work back because they didn’t get it, you take a belly-blow and you pull back on the next attempt telling yourself that the client is a schmuck. We’ve all done it. In the end, you’re lowering the quality of your work and lowering the results of your work.

We work in advertising. We’re not going to save lives. We’re not going to change the world. People won’t be building statues to our memories. We’re never going to be heroes. That’s for other people. We’re there to help companies achieve their fiscal goals. It’s not pretty but it’s true. Sure we do the whole CSI angle on some campaigns but ultimately what we do is help our clients make more money.

So why do we do it? Because otherwise we’d starve.

Sorry. Personal jaded moment.

Because it’s fun. It’s the most fun you can have from 9 to 5 every day without getting arrested, pregnant or dead. So the client doesn’t understand your work. Big deal. Next time, don’t let the suit pitch on your behalf. Next time, speak in even simpler language. Show them more pictures. Play them a song.

Sure, it’s easier to just get annoyed and stomp out of the studio berating the client verbally for being an ass but it’s not constructive. Don’t get jaded. Get even more creative. Turn up the volume. It’s not easy, but it’s ultimately more fun.

It’s Monday. You have the rest of the week to have fun.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have never won an award. I’ve never submitted for an award. I just don’t believe in awards.


3 thoughts on “Too cool for you.

  1. in other words: live your life in a perpetual state of omgomgomgomg
    which, i am firmly convinced, is the way forward.
    (but if this is now your ethos then i say HA! to all the times you made fun of me for being easily amused.)

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