Freaky Friday

It’s Halloween (already).

And to mark the occasion I’ve dedicated this post to the a guerilla marketing ploy from Sony BMG that took place earlier this year to publicise Thriller 25 – the re-release of Michael Jackson’s smash-hit album from the previous millenium.  Dancers were hired to freak-out the public by staging impromptu displays of the Thriller Dance. They ambushed passers-by on the London Tube, Chinatown, Copenhagen and even outside the Sydney Opera House. The reactions (and the buzz) were priceless. 

And for Sony BMG it was a really shrewd way to market an album from the world’s most reclusive public figure. Let’s face it:  Jackson  was hardly going to hit the talk-show circuit to promote the album.

Unfortunately, the idea never made it to our shores. Maybe next time?

And stay tuned for a really scary video clip that will be posted later today. It scared the hell out of me.


2 thoughts on “Freaky Friday

  1. Well they should have worn scary costumes to add to the flavour, but great dancing though.

    Maybe we could have Jacob Zuma as Micheal Jackson and his ANC clang as his dance crew, now that would be a good campaigning move. Hahaha! (Oh, ANC is a South African political party btw). 😉

  2. Hi

    I’d get Mosuia Lekota to do it. He could get his break-away party and they could disrupt ANC meetings in the same way. That would be funny.
    PS: I’m South African…living in Cape Town. 😉

    Thanks for the comment.

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