Oh yeah? Well, yo’ mama!!

You remember those fights that used to happen at junior school? Some kid would say something about another kid’s mother and there’d be a whole series of taunts like “Oh yeah? Well, your mom’s so fat she fell in love and it broke!” Then there’d be the whole pushing and shoving thing and inevitably there’d be some kind of slap-fight and sometimes someone would actually get hurt…usually the skinny kid wearing the spectacles.

It’s something similar to what’s happening between Microsoft and Apple right now. And Microsoft is getting seven types of snot kicked out of it.

In a bizarre move, Microsoft (through its agency, Crispin Porter & Bogusky) has decided to call on its users to stand up for the brand. And here it is:

Bizarre, right?

“I like the slimming effect of a purple-striped shirt.” Sorry. Couldn’t see the shirt. Distracted by the crazy eyes.


The best bit? Apparently, Mac users have been asking if they can get involved too (yeah, right). Microsoft’s answer? “Of course you can. A Mac can be a PC too, most notably when it runs Windows Vista.” Whatever.

Microsoft also reports that  17,000+ photos and videos have been uploaded (how many obscene ones I wonder?) and the “I’m a PC” videos have been viewed on the site almost 1.5 million times. Of course none of the uploaders have been vetted as genuine Microsoft users but it’s been reported that Microsoft doesn’t care, so nothing’s changed there.

$300 million dollars later and these ads do nothing for me. Not just because of the yawning chasm between the brand-promise and the consumer experience but also because I don’t want to be associated with the crazy-eyed, purple-shirt guy…or the GatorBling chick… I want to be associated with the guys who speak fluent Japanese and get Gisele Bundchen in their ads (because they can) .

From Seinfeld to Eva Longoria to this. Personally, I think maybe it’s time for Microsoft to say “uncle” and just fix the problem.

Meanwhile, here’s Gisele Bundchen. Enjoy.

Did she say “Mac Ho’ Movie?” *snigger*


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